Hard Stone Single Strap Tactical Concealed Carry Sling Backpack B7


This Single Strap Tactical Concealed Carry Sling Backpack is built for quick and hands-free carry. A concealed storage sleeve on the back of the back panel of the bag easily and comfortably packs your hand gun.

The five storage compartments are large enough to carry a first aid kit, ammunition, tablet or Ipad. The shoulder strap is attached from the corner of the bag an not the middle giving you a much better fit.

The hevay duty single point is attached much lower on the shoulder strap giving you more easy access to you rifle.

Size: 17″ x 10″ x 6″

Packing: 12 Pcs in a case


B7-TAN-2 B7-OD-2






  1. Cmac

    Where can I buy these. I ordered one from Groupon and they sent me the wrong one and now tell me that they cant send me the one I ordered. I’d like to buy one, just need to know where.

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