Hard Stone Tactical Triple Rifle Case 42 inches HS42


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Dimensions: 42” x 13” x 3.5”. Material: 600 D x 600 D Polyester. The Hard Stone 3 rifles case HS42 makes a great option for any shooter. The right travel case helps make your firearm very easy to carry and take it with you wherever you need it. It has a 3/4 inch thick foam to protect your firearms, 1 detachable shooting mat you can use in the field or to place a third rifle. 3 Large front pockets (8.5”x8”x2”) with velcro and buckle closure for securing your gear, 1 velcro loop for attaching your patches. 2 compression straps to secure your rifle or shotgun, a well padded handle and 2 hidden shoulder straps with a zippered compartment so you can carry it as a backpack, 2 D rings and a chest strap.



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  1. Purchasing Dept.

    Where Does the 3rd Rifle Fit & Why are there No Compression Straps to Keep Items From Moving Around In.

    I Notice the Pouches are Not Made to The Specifications to Fit AR15 Mags & The Sizing is Very Odd Compared to Other Brands that Manufacturer To Military Specs..

    The Look & Design of The Rifle Case Is Very Cheap as Well as Ugly.

    We Were Considering Becoming a Dealer But After inspecting & Looking @ The Explorer Product Line From a Dealer @ Recent Gun Show..
    We Decided To Go With a Better Quality Line From Another Company In So. Cal.
    I Told Your Dealer @ The Gun Show That He Should Sell A Better Quality Product & That Explorer Line Is A POS !!!

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