About Explorer Bag,  Explorer Bag is a researcher, developer, designer, manufacturer of high quality, most update tactical gun case, rifle case, range bag, backpack in Ca USA.

We are a team of people that designer manufacturer of  tactical gun case, rifle case, range bag backpack, mag pouches, slings, tactical vests, bandoleers, deployment bags, etc. from Jan 1994. We married with bags and luggage. We love bags and luggage, we think of them, study them, design them, develop them, produce them, touch them, market them every day. Our most happy thing in our life is that we can see some one carrying them on the street, on a hunting trip, in a shooting range, on the batter field, in an airports and inside shopping malls.
We have been in the bag manufacturer for 20 years, with our own small factory. Which employs 300 workers. And if look at our website you will see how
many SKU’s, great quality, and incredible lower prices, lifetime guarantee, YKK zippers.
At Explorer bags, with 20 years, we have sold more than 20 million pieces of Bags & Luggage.The bags that our China factory produced has been shipped to America, Europe, and Australia, Japan, Thailand etc. Our show room and warehouse in Los Angeles has made our bags and luggage more popular in America. With many years of experience and marketing, our products has been sold in all states across the US.
We supply sports bags, Police gear bags, patrol bags pistol case, gun case. rifle case, police belts, tactical carry on bags, tactical back packs, Concealed weapon bags, pink lady gun bags, IPAD bags etc.
About 40% of our business is Private Label and Special Design. We can design a new bag with customers requirements, in 1-2 days with price quote in Los Angeles. Our quality is among the middle to best in the market. There are many bags manufacturer or importers in the US , such as Fox outdoors, Rothco, Condor outdoors, Voodoor Tactical, Black hawk, Maxpedition – HARD-USE GEAR Tactical bag. But our bags are different.
Our price are better than all competitors. We currently supply Cabalas sporting goods store, Big 5 stores, Sportsman’s warehouse, Academy sports, Gander mountains, JC Penny Chain store as well as many independent sporting goods, gun stores, army navy stores, etc. We are also the supplier of the AFFES and some other US government departments!
We really hope to reduce our customer cost for the same or better quality than any of their current vendor. And increase our customers profits ! Please contact us for any new orders or questions that you may have. We will be very happy to service you!
Our Brand:  The brand name that we carry is, Multicam Hard Stone, Real Forest, SamSport , Explorer, Parisun, Royal Sports, Sun, Royal Horse, Mossy Oak material & Real Tree material products.
What Pattern material that we are using:
We are using a lot of new , fashionable patterns to make our bags and luggage, the pattern that :
Hot lips, pink rings tote, navy red rainbow tote, black Hawaii tote, base ball square tote, lady’s accessories square tote, beach babe square tote, flip flop square tote ,grey flower square tote, square tote school bus square, taxes flag square pink sanders blue flower, Hawaii flowers, flip flop, square tote, city girls purple tote, farm girls tote, big multi dot tote, ST. Mary tote, red toile printing square tote ,square tote, strip, red/yellow, not a plastic bag, square tote children first, square tote lighter orange/red strap square tote brown, square tote rose pink, square tote pink, basket ball, dogs nurses, polka dot, lady bugs, cherry square ,last supper, polar bear dinosaur Hawaii flower pink, full navy tote, full maroon purple, fashion lady, jean, red hat, safari tapestry, bear tapestry square, butterfly tapestry square cat tapestry square dog tapestry square red flower ,pink flower square leopard, pink camo tote shopping, r-66 dog cross, Jesus ,zebra.
What products that we manufacture:
The type of products that we are manufacturing are including the following: International Class 018: All purpose sport bags; All-purpose athletic bags; All-purpose carrying bags; Animal game bags; Athletic bags; Baby carrying bags; Backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bum bags, wallets and handbags; Bags and hold alls for sports clothing; Bags for carrying babies’ accessories; Bags for sports; Bags for umbrellas; Barrel bags; Beach bags; Belt bags; Belt bags and hip bags; Book bags; Boston bags; Bum bags; Cantle bags; Canvas shopping bags; Carry-all bags; Carry-on bags; Chalk bags; Charm bags (omamori-ire); Clutch bags; Cosmetic bags sold empty; Diaper bags; Duffel bags; Duffel bags for travel; Duffle bags; Feed bags for animals; Flexible bags for garments; Garment bags for travel; General purpose bags for carrying yoga equipment; Gladstone bags; Gym bags; Hiking bags; Horse tail bags; Hunters’ game bags; Hunting bags; Key bags; Kit bags; Leather and imitation leather bags; Leather bags for merchandise packaging; Leather bags, suitcases and wallets; Leather shopping bags; Make-up bags sold empty; Men’s clutch bags; Mesh shopping bags; Messenger bags; Overnight bags; Pet accessories, namely, canvas, vinyl and leather pouches for holding disposable bags to place pet waste in; Pet accessories, namely, specially designed canvas, vinyl or leather bags attached to animal leashes for holding small items such as keys, credit cards, money or disposable bags for disposing of pet waste; Pommel bags; Pouches and bags sold empty for attachment to backpacks; Roll bags; Saddle horn bags; Saddler, namely, horn bags; School bags; School book bags; Shaving bags sold empty; Shoe bags for travel; Shopping bags made of skin; Shopping bags with wheels attached; Shoulder bags; Sling bags; Sling bags for carrying infants; Small bags for men; Souvenir bags; Sport bags; Sports bags; Sportsman’s hunting bags; String bags for shopping; Suit bags; Textile shopping bags; Toiletry bags sold empty; Tool bags sold empty; Tote bags; Travel bags; Traveling bags; Traveling bags; Waist bags; Wash bags for carrying toiletries; Wheeled bags; Wheeled duffle bags; Wheeled messenger bags; Wheeled tote bags; Wine bags with handles for carrying or holding wine; Wrist mounted carryall bags; Wristlet bags. 4 pcs EVA luggage set, pp bags and luggage, shipping bags and luggage, laundry bag, lady’s purse and handbags, beauty case, train case, shipping cart “luggage, handbags, totes, piggy bag, duffel bag, travel bag, back bag, school bag, briefcase fanny bag, luggage carrier, shopping cart, square tote, fashion lady’s bag folding shopping bag back pack collections, backpack on wheels duffel bags collections fanny bag shopping cart carriers garment bags collections strip shopping bags Rolling Duffel, Cargo Bag Wheels Bags 36″ 40” Beauty Case 2 in 1 sets and all other Pattern Category .Upright Trolley Case .
Private Label & Special Design Specialist
We have a special design team in our Los Angeles Branch. We can design a new bags with your
special requirements . With the material, the size the shape that you required, we can do all these in a couple of hours. Once you satisfy with the digital design, we can give you price quotation right away. The normal turn around time is 8-10 weeks. For some rush orders, we can also try in 4-6 weeks depend on case by case. The minimum order for a special order is normally 800 pcs. Some special material may need more quantity for the material manufacturer’s requirement. We also try to provide our customer suggestions based on our expertise view as for the construction of the bag or luggage. Please contact us for a free design and price quotation.
The price range of our products has been
the price of the products that we carry are ranging from 0.50. 0.99 or $1 dollar bag and luggage. under 1 dollar luggage, under 2.00 luggage, or under 3.00 luggage or bags, under 4.00 under 5.00 , under 6.00, under 7.00, under 8.00 under 9.00, under 10, under 11.00 under 12.00 , under 13.00 under 14.00 , under 15.00, under 16.00, under 15.00 under 16.00, under 17.00, under 18.00, under 19.00, under 20.00 under 21.00 under 22.00, under 23.00 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 80 90 100 200 under luggage and or bags. The products of categories is including: backpack wheels shoe bag, set luggage 4pcs/set eva with two pocket pp,shopping, laundry bag lady’s handbag beauty case 2pcs/set beauty case palm trees 2pcs/set beauty case lady bug beauty case 2pcs cherry beauty case 2pcs lips beauty case 2pcs plain color beauty. Those products are manufactured, imported, wholesale and distributed by Sun products, Parisun luggage or Parisun bag, laluggage or la l a luggage or bags in China and in Los Angeles, California.
Where our products are sold at:
Our products have been sold to the following cities in USA: 1. New York 2 .Los Angeles, California 3. Chicago, Illinois 4. Houston, Texas 5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6. Phoenix, Arizona San Diego, California 7. Dallas, Texas ,San Antonio, Texas 8. Detroit, Michigan 9. San Jose, California 10. Indianapolis, Indiana 11. San Francisco, California 12. Columbus, Ohio 13. Austin, Texas 14. Baltimore, Maryland 15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 16. Boston, Massachusetts 17. Washington, District of Columbia 18. El Paso, Texas 19. Seattle, Washington 20. Denver, Colorado 21. Charlotte, North Carolina 22. Fort Worth, Texas 23. Portland, Oregon 24. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 25. Tucson, Arizona 26. New Orleans, Louisiana 27. Las Vegas, Nevada 28. Cleveland, Ohio 29. Long Beach, California 30. Albuquerque, New Mexico ,31. Kansas City, Missouri 32. Fresno, California 33. Virginia Beach, Virginia 34. Atlanta, Georgia 35. Sacramento, California 36. Oakland, California 37. Mesa, Arizona 38. Tulsa, Oklahoma 39. Omaha, Nebraska 40. Minneapolis, Minnesota 41.Honolulu, Hawaii 42. Colorado Springs, Colorado 43.St. Louis, Missouri 44.Wichita, Kansas 45.Santa Ana, California 46. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 47. Arlington, Texas 48. incinnati, Ohio 49.Anaheim, California 50.Toledo, Ohio 51.Buffalo, New York 52.St. Paul, Minnesota 53.Corpus Christi, Texas 54. Aurora, Colorado 55. Raleigh, North Carolina 56.Newark, New Jersey ,57. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 58. Anchorage, Alaska 59.Louisville, Kentucky 60. Riverside, California 61. Bakersfield, California 62. Stockton, California,63. Birmingham, Alabama 64. Jersey City, New Jersey 65.Norfolk, Virginia 66. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 67.Hialeah, Florida 68.Lincoln, Nebraska 69. Greensboro, North Carolina 70. Plano, Texas ,71. Rochester, New York 72. Glendale, Arizona 73.Akron, Ohio 74 Garland, Texas 75.Madison, Wisconsin 76Fort Wayne, Indiana 77.Fremont, California 78.Scottsdale, Arizona 79. Montgomery, Alabama80.Shreveport, Louisiana 81. Lubbock, Texas 82. Chesapeake, Virginia 83. Mobile, Alabama 84. Des Moines, Iowa 85. Grand Rapids, Michigan 86.Richmond, Virginia 87. Yonkers, New York 88. Spokane, Washington ,89.Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia ( 90.Glendale, California ( 91.Tacoma, Washington) 92. Irving, Texas ( 93. Huntington Beach, California ( 94. Arlington, Virginia ( 95.Modesto, California ( 96. Durham, North Carolina ( 97.Boise, Idaho ( 98. Winston-Salem, North Carolina ( United States).
Warehouse Only Address: 1710 W 2nd St. Pomona Ca 91766 USA
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