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Explorer Bag – Pursuit of Ultimate Quality. Explorer Bags are researchers, developers, designers, manufacturer of high quality, most update tactical gun case, rifle case, range bag, backpack in Ca USA for 20 years.  We pride with our quality, all our products have lifetime warranty.

We are a researcher, designer, developer, manufacturer and wholesaler of Explorer Tactical Bags. We do not retails to general public. Our minimum order is 500 dollars and with 12 pcs per color as a minimum sale. And customer must have resale license and permit. General public or end user, please search on line to buy from Ebay, Amazon, or check your local sporting goods store, gun store. If you own a street store or online store, Please check our website and white down the item# (style#) and quantity that you will like to order, email to us. We will reply back with price, shipping cost, and a proforma invoice. Once you approve these, please pay us and we can ship to you in 1-2 days. Depend on your distance, UPS may take 2-7 days to be at your store. You can pay with visa or master card, or sent money order before shipping. C.O.D. or 30 days term will subject to credit approval from our credit department after 5 invoices. Thanks for visiting our website. Here is the link for PayPal, or Credit card payment. paypal_logo _Pay_WithPlease click her for PayPal or Credit card Payment.

Welcome to One of Explorer Tactical Bag
Show Room and Warehouse at: 1710 W. 2nd St. Pomona, CA. 91766


  1. Marcos Lopez

    I recently purchased your Every Day Carry R4 Tactical Range Backpack w/Adjustable Partitions in Coyote Tan and I am very pleased with the product. However there are no instructions as how to assemble the partitions. I also have no clue as to where the wooden partition is used. I have assembled the pack as best as could figure out; but would appreciate detailed instructions.

  2. Jeff Needham

    We are a retail store located in Logan, Utah and have been in business for over 80 years. Our name is “The Book Table”, but we sell a little bit of everything and are always looking to expand on the products that we sell. If you have any more questions please let me know. Thank you.

  3. Randy Gaskins

    I am a Team Leader for the National Wild Turkey Federation and I am putting together a Pistol Shooter’s Package to be used at the NWTF National Convention in Nashville on February 11th-14th as an Auction item at one of our fundraisers. I already have a custom 1911 .45 pistol by Irv Stone at Bar-Sto Precision, magazines from Tripp and Checkmate, custom leather and kydex holsters, magazine carriers and gun belts. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute provided a Diamond Life membership and two training course certificates. I also have received electronic hearing protection, shooting glasses, cleaning kits and cleaning supplies, targets, custom tactical knife, tactical flashlight, and over 600 rounds of .45 ammunition.

    The one thing I am missing is a quality pistol range/tactical bag to carry all the shooting gear! If you would be willing to donate one of your shooting bags it would help finish up the total package and add value for the auction bids. If you are interested I can send you a donor form and the address for headquarters to ship it to.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

    Randy Gaskins
    NWTF Team Leader
    13424 Stoney Creek Trail
    Sturgis, SD 57785
    Cell 605-391-1386

  4. Marilyn Jackson

    I’m reaching out to you today concerning, a license agreement between myself and your company. I have a United States Patented product. A new and useful way to carry all totes and luggage. I’m very sure my product will be a great fit to sell along with your products that your already sale. I checked out your website with all of your products and I am very impressed with how great they look. And your office space is very organized and business friendly.
    Thank you for spending time excepting my email message. I look forward to getting your reply.
    Marilyn Jackson, call: 832-451-4994 or send me an email letting me know either way if your interested or not. Happy Holidays!

    Happy New Year! 2016

  5. Julian

    I am currently interested in knowing the price of 48 PT14 bags.  I would like to see into becoming authorized dealer. if I can get a price of all your items in the catalog if possible.  Rifle cases I know I can sell.  I know I can grow sales here in Southwest Florida,

  6. Eric W. Everson, Sr.

    Please send dealer pricing catalog & application.
    Thank you;
    Eric W. Everson, Sr.
    EMR Trading LLC
    7954 S Schomberg Rd
    Cedar, MI  49621

    231-944-6549 shop
    231-228-6538  FAX

  7. Ted Bradford

    Explorer Guys, The R2 Tactical Range Ready Bag is the perfect size for IDPA, USPSA and multi-gun events. I picked one up at Police Week Tent City last May and have been very impressed that a bag with this workmanship and ‘just right’ size was available for the low cost. One of the issues with many multi-gun bags is they tend to be oversized allowing me to pack too much ‘just in case’ stuff. The R2 makes me pack only what I need and leave the rest in the car. But a question – Is the bag suppose to come with gun wallets? I recommended your bag to a friend who bought it through Amazon. When he got it, it had two nifty gun wallets that mine did not. I aint bitchin’, but how can I buy just two wallets? I don’t care the color.

  8. Daniel Mayville


    I’m in the process of building a new website that will feature backpacks and bags. My website is currently being professionally designed and isn’t quite ready for viewing, but will be soon!

    I’m reaching out today to express interest in selling your products and to inquire about your drop-ship program.

    Please advise on the next steps. I’m looking forward to working with you!


  9. Robert Marshall

    I was referred to your company from a colleague of mine. I’m interested in carrying your products for resale. Would you please let me know what the next step is.

    Thank you,

  10. Steve Matthews

    Hi Explorer Bag Team,

    I am Steve, Ecommerce Sales Director for Fab On Go eCommerce consulting LLC, an e-commerce agency. (

    We are authorized by Amazon to provide seller services for both 1P & 3P sellers worldwide. Starting from product sourcing, listing and optimizing, PPC, etc.
    One of our core businesses is to develop software APIs and selling tools for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay sellers.

    Our Parent company owns Private label Brands in Apparel, Clothing, Home textile, 100% certified Organic Grocery & Gourmet categories. We offer Private Labeling services for the aforementioned categories for sellers in sourcing, packing, labeling and last-mile delivery to FBA warehouses from India.

    I am looking to resell products for one of our new ventures and like to set up a wholesale buyers account with your organization buying a large number of products.

    What do you need from us to open an account? Will I be assigned a specific account representative to work with me?

    We would like to know if there are any brands you might offer for sale that you do not have brand authorization to resell?

    Looking forward to starting a fruitful relationship for our mutual benefits.

    Thank you
    Best Regards

    Steve Matthews
    Ecommerce Sales Director

    t: +1 424 777 2029
    m: +91 89713 88990
    Fab On Go

  11. Efrain Gonzalez

    My name is Efrain Gonzalez and I am a Purchasing Manager at Kash Enterprises, LLC.
    I am interested in purchasing products in bulk from your company.
    I am an online seller selling on mainly, and please provide the list of products with UPC code and ASIN number in Spreadsheet if possible.
    Along with pricing also please tell me your MOQ, order shipping, and lead time.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to build our business relationship.
    Efrain Gonzalez

  12. Jasper Smith

    I am Jasper from Gael Market Inc, I hope you and your family are safe from the COVID pandemic.

    Our store is a Massive buy on Amazon. I came across your brand and would like to set up a wholesale account, Do you accept new applications. We sell only on Amazon and no other channels and we don’t do brick and mortar stores.
    Attached is our sales certificate. Let me know the requirements.

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  13. James Peterson


    I was on your site, but I was unable to find your dealer application.

    Our founder (Martin Doherty) asked me to reach out to you. Martin was looking through your website, and really loved your products, and is interested to sell / promote your brand on our various sales channels.

    If you are currently selling on Amazon / Walmart (Canada and / or USA), please inform us as we typically do not like to sell on the same platform as the supplier is as there is no way we can compete.

    We may also be open to exclusively represent and promote your brand on Walmart (USA and Canada), as we are also doing this for some other unique brands. (Perhaps even Amazon if you are not currently selling there.) We have an entire professional sales and support team in place – who are dedicated to promoting and generating sales, and we take care of all customer queries, shipping, cross border issues, etc.

    We are currently exclusively representing only a small number of brands / suppliers in Canada and the USA. We typically select only those with unique, interesting, innovative products, that match our sales mission :

    Do let us know if you would like to discuss!

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon! Also feel free to review the founder’s personal bio here:

    Much thanks!
    James Peterson
    Business Development,
    WhatsApp: +971-56-988-3891

  14. Hank

    I am building a Fightlite MCR belt fed AR-15. I am looking for a back pack system to carry the weapon that is similar to your R30-30″ YKK Heavy-Duty 3 Rifle Case color Coyote Brown.  The weapon has a removal barrel system similar to the M249 SAW and can be stored in two pieces, plus room in the bag to store an extra barrel. I would like the case without the external pouches.  I would like all the Molle attachment straps to be rotated 90 degrees and run from top to bottom on the out board side of the case when carrying it. It would be a bonus if the case also had Molle attachment straps on both sides of the case running from top to bottom too. This way I can attach whatever Molle pouches needed for the task at hand. Is this possible? Please let me know one way or another. Thank you and as always Semper Fi.

  15. Robert Roncea


    My name is Karen and I am one of the Sales Manager at General Supplies LLC.

    I am contacting you because we are always interested in extending our product lines and are interested in buying your products!

    Our headquarters and main distribution warehouse are in Sheridan, Wyoming. We work with a number of suppliers/distributors across the United States and are continually on the lookout for new quality product lines to offer our customers. We believe that your company may be a good fit for us and wanted to inquire as to the best way to set up a wholesale account with your company.

    Please let us know what you need from us to open an account. Additionally, please forward your product list or FTP site so that we may import this data into our purchasing system.

    Thank you in advance and we look forward to doing business with you.

    I’ve attached the following information that you may require:

    Business Name: General Supplies LLC

    Owner: Robert Roncea

    Billing & Shipping Address: 30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

    Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  16. Damian Ross

    My name is Damian Ross, inventor of the Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack that converts into a ballistic vest in a second using our patented deployment system (US 11181343). Giving you instant front and back protection.

    Most bulletproof backpacks only offer back protection, we call that a “Run and Hide” backpack. When you have full front and back protection you have a “STAND AND FIGHT” backpack.

    As you may know Byrna recently acquired Ballistipax and is selling it under the Shield brand.

    This is why I’m reaching out to you today – We are exploring potential partnerships and your company looks like a good fit. This joint venture could take the form of a simple affiliate program, drop shipping arrangement, dealer distributor or licensing agreement.

    What makes our Bodyguard better than Byrna?

    We have two models – one for first responders the other for civilians, this gives you the ability to attack both markets. Byrna only has one model.
    Our backpack looks and acts like a backpack – you can carry a lot more gear than the Byrna and looking at them side by side, you wouldn’t suspect our backpack is military grade PPE.
    Our grab handle is an actual grab handle – the Byrna grab handle is actually the deployment mechanism which many users frequently grab by mistake and have a “tactical yard sale”.
    We secure the front protection to your chest instantly – Byrna requires you to take an extra step and wrap an elastic band around your waist and attach it behind your back – the Bodyguard attaches automatically.
    Our armor section is 100% completely concealed – the Byrna is not, which means any weapons or tools attached to the front chest protection are exposed.
    We use a two handed deployment system located conveniently on your chest – the Byrna deployment handle is located behind your head which makes it difficult to deploy while running and if your bag is fully loaded, the handle moves a few inches farther away, making it even more difficult to locate under stress.

    To see the Bodyguard Backpacks in action visit:

    If you’re interested in exploring an opportunity with Bodyguard, you can contact me directly by email or cell 201-406-3510.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Damian Ross
    The Self Defense Company – Bodyguard

    PS. And before I forget….we have a tactical training membership site with over 18K members. The 50 plus hours of content covers everything from awareness to weapon retention…you can check that out here: We have joint venture opportunities here as well.

  17. Edgar

     Good afternoon! After a visit to your website I noticed the explorer bags have life time warranty. I purchased what I think is an ExplorerA+, green back pack a couple of years back the main zipper went bad, I would like to see what the process is to file a warranty. Thank you in advance!

  18. Minerva Perez SantiagoNawd

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Minerva Perez Santiago, President of Alexdria US, LLC.
    We are an Online Retailer based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and we are interested brand name products in Bulk for selling on Amazon FBA. I’d like to set up a wholesale account and place an order as soon as possible.
    Before placing the order, we do have a couple of questions:
    1.- Do you ship directly to FBA Warehouses?
    2.- Is there a minimum order quantity, if so, how much?
    3.- Do you offer price breaks at certain quantity levels?
    We are looking forward to finding great, profitable products in your inventory and I’m confident over time we will consistently grow our business with you.
    Here is my company information for setting up our account:
    FEIN: 87-4455009
    Resellers Permit: 60-8018611080-5
    Business Address: 6242 Eaton St, West Palm Beach Fl, 33411
    Please let me know if you need anything else to set up our wholesale customer account and place our first order with you.

    Thank you,
    Minerva Pérez Santiago
    Alexdria US, LLC
    6242 Eaton St
    West Palm Beach Fl, 33411

  19. Veli Aslan

    Good Day,

    We would like to follow up on the email we sent two weeks ago

    (We are interested in opening a new account with you to purchase at wholesale prices.
    We are prepared to provide our EIN State resales certificate and any additional information you require.
    Please advise us what specific information you need and/or how to complete the process for becoming a new customer.)

    We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

    You will find our initial letter in the email we forwarded.

    Thank you!

    Aslan LLC
    Veli Aslan
    43509 JUBILEE ST
    CHANTILLY, Virginia 20152
    United States

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