Item#: R2 – New EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag

Item#: R2 – New EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag

    • Dimensions: 18″ x 13″ x 10″
    • Color: BLACK, OD and CT.
    • Packaging: 10 pcs in a case.

If you are headed to the range, you’ll want to have our EXPLORER Range Ready bag at your side. This is the ultimate in design for carrying multiple pistols to the range with all the necessary accessories and tools. This Tactical Range Bag really put our heads together to give you the ultimate in a range bag.

This Range Ready bag was designed with input from range instructors, special operations officers, patrol officers and SWAT to give you what you need

New Color ND (Navy Digital)



New Color ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

New Color WD (Woodland Digital)

R2-BK-5  R2-BK-4

R2-BK-3   R2-BK-2

R2-CT-2 R2-CT-1

when you head out for a day on the range. This range bag can handle any type of range activity. There is plenty of room for hearing protection, ammo, magazines, pistols, cleaning supplies and tools.

Durability is the name of the game with this bag. Explorer Tactical beefed this baby up to withstand the rigors of fully loaded range duty. We uses 600-denier polyester throughout to give you a long lasting bag that can handle the weight.
The carrying handles and shoulder strap are heavy duty nylon and won’t fail under a heavy load. We added plastic feet to the bottom, and padded all of the pockets for added protection of your valuable firearms and accessories. We used only quality zippers in our Range Ready bag and we’ve triple stitched our handles to bear the weight of the ammo, pistols and all associated gear.

This is the ultimate pistol range gear bag, will fit up to five or more handguns, earmuffs, seven magazine pouches each side, for a total of fourteen magazines, ammo, ear protection, safety glasses, anything you need to take with you to the shooting range! This bag has tough material and zippers, stitching is excellent and everything is padded for top notch protection of your guns with lots of room.This bag is high quality in it’s construction and holds up to some rough use, enough to use as a daily gear duty bag.


  1. Mike

    I am looking at your R2 Explorer Tactical Range Bag and I am completely confused. Your black YouTube video shows a removable shoulder strap, but your tan and green pictures show a shoulder strap that is not removable. Amazon pictures likewise show sometimes a removable and sometimes a non-removable shoulder strap. I MUST have a bag with the removable strap. Can you please advise me on this? Also, some of your pictures here for the R2 show regular size mag pouches, yet other pictures show larger wider mag pouches. I do not want the larger mag/clip pouches. I want the handgun size mag pouches. As you can see I’m totally confused about the features of your R2. Different pictures show different features. Please clarify all this for me so I can be sure to order the correct range bag.

  2. Matt

    I recently purchased this bag and absolutely love it. I’d really like to purchase some extra gun pouches in the OD Green to match. Are these offered as a standalone product?

  3. Steve Pitts

    The Amazon description indicates there are (2) ZIPPERED gun sleeves/inserts included with this  bag. The demonstration video on your website, as well as other YouTube video reviews, show that these inserts are open top. There is even a YouTube video where the reviewer expresses disappointment that his is not zippered. Your photos above this reply section show some bags with and some without zippers. Do they come with or without a zipper? Hopefully it is WITH zippers. You could easily loose the gun out of the sleeve without actually dropping the sleeve if you are not very careful

  4. Jim Pearson

    I got the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch for Christmas and love it. I carry 3 handguns, magazines, ear muffs, and PPE it with no issues. Is it possible to purchase additional zipper pouches to carry more handguns? My Range Bag is OD Green. Two came with the bag, but I’d like at least one more. Thanks.

  5. Matt

    This range bag is awesome, extremely high quality, perfect for a day at the range, easily handles the weight of all of the rounds I could possibly shoot. The included pouches are perfect for safe transfer of firearms from bag to shooting station, and the movable dividers make it easy to organize all of your equipment for different shooting platforms (pistol, shotgun, rifle)

  6. Edwin Bolf

    I am so confused.
    On the Amazon website for this bag under questions…

    One answer was:
    Both sides might have been identical in the past, but the blue bag I received in December, 2017 has 7 mag pockets on the front side and 4 larger mag pockets on the back side. So they are not identical any more. The new configuration is shown in current photos on the web site.
    Steve G. answered on January 3, 2018

    The question is asked how many magazine pockets are on each side?
    Answers are split..Some say 7 & 7 as in the accompanying video and.Others say 7 & 4 larger pockets.
    So which is it?
    I want the 7 & 7 version because I have 15 magazines and 3 Pistols, I don’t need 4 large pockets for AR style mags.

  7. John

    Your photos are VERY confusing! Some show a shoulder strap, and others have no strap. Others claim to have a removable strap! Some photos show what appear to be all pistol mag slots. Other photos show some pistol some AR slots. All of these photos are supposed to be for the same model range bag.
    You really have to “clean up” y0ur advertising pages. Very confusing!

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