B99 Patrick Backpack – 20″ Military Molle Backpack 56L Bk, OD, Tan, ACU MC

B99 This backpack has 6 zipper pockets, 2 top handle, 2 enlarged iPhone & sun glass pockets, full Velcro covers top.  Hydration ready. 1 laptop long pocket 1 iPad pocket, m o l l e straps at both side. Patent Pending 2 gun pouch for both side, for iPad/iPhone/Camera/Emergency Medicine backpack

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B99WD-5b99bkeeeeeeeeeee B99blacksided (4) B99blackcoo (3) B99blacksided (3)


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  1. Travis jones

    Hello, sir or ma’am. I purchased this product from Wal-mart and I’ve encountered the same problem as the other gentleman. You specifically state this pack is hydration ready, but how? All of the pockets are sealed and in the photos you use the computer in the primary compartment photo- then you move the computer into the compartment that would be for water. So after 7 years in Special Operations and professionally rigging combat gear I still don’t know how this is hydration ready.. the only way I can figure is to put your camelback in the side compartment which kinks the tube then to zip tie the tube to the arm straps. I’m lost, this is the only reason I bought this bag.

      1. Michael

        I have the same question. I bought this bag but can’t figure out how my camelback would fit. I’m also not sure what size of camelback I should use. My 2 Litre bag doesn’t fit at all. Can you post a video or explanation for camelback insertion?

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