Item# R52-J – Johnson 52 Inches 3 Rifles Weapon Case

  • HEAVY DUTY: Heavy-duty polyester 600 D with high quality stitching. YKK Lockable Zippers. 3/4 of an inch thick foam padding all over the bag to protect your gear
  • MULTIPLE RIFLES: Ability to carry up to 3 rifles or 4 shotguns and 4 pistols. Equipped with 10 velcro tie downs
  • ENOUGH ROOM: Plenty of storage space for magazines, boxes of ammo and accessories
  • CONVENIENT: Carry with either a handle or backpack style
  • RIGHT SIZE: Measures 52 x 13.5 Inch. It comes with a detachable shooting mat.
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R30 – 30″ YKK Heavy-Duty 3 RIFLEs CASER30 – 30″ YKK Heavy-Duty 3 RIFLEs CASE


  1. jesse

    irst thing everyone fails to mention – mine is 42 inches on the INSIDE. It JUST fits a 20″ barrel Benelli M1.

    I drug this to a 3-gun match just one time so far but it sure does seem as good as people say – and while I was there I counted like 5 more just like it on the range. To me it’s a matter of perspective and in this case it pretty much boils down to value. The zippers feel good, the material seems tough and for the money you just can’t go wrong. I actually looked at a bunch of the cheap bags like this and there are a bunch of them – all about the same. This one actually is a little different from the rest of the pack, which is why I ended up getting it. Firstly it has a piece of foam around the “sides” which makes it more box-like when closed. Additionally, the outside foam is hard, almost rigid. This bag is very protective and holds its shape on its own.

    The only couple downsides I can see; it is a little heavy all by itself so by the time you’ve added a couple guns and filled the pockets, it makes for a heavy bag. Second, if you’ve got big turrets on your optic combined with say an oversized bolt handle on your shotgun, you start getting objects poking at the sides of the bag. Like I said, it’s all well protected but it’s something to consider. If I could redesign the bag based on these observations, I would make it probably less “tall” and a little “thicker” or “wider” or however you want to say it, to accommodate charging handles and other protrusions that tend to be part of the firearm world. Lastly, the velcro straps inside are in a slightly different arrangement in mine than the pictures (there are 4 of them oriented in pairs) and they really aren’t super useful. Seems like every gun I throw in there falls in a slightly different spot, so I end up just chucking the guns in and calling it good. Extra lastly, I thought the backpack straps were a good idea, and maybe in certain situations they really are, but I ended up just carrying the thing by the handles. It’s heavy when loaded, kinda large and awkward to put on and now the straps are sitting somewhere in a pile of other stuff I don’t use.

    It still gets 5 stars because I would recommend it to anyone. Bottom line is, you already know something like this is gonna be heavy and kinda big and awkward, so I don’t fault the bag so much. Sure, the dimensions could be refined a little but the next guy is going to want something different from me. The backpack straps are a meh for me. I didn’t really care if it had them or not, I just thought they might come in handy and they still might. But if they don’t I’m totally indifferent.


    Where can I find the explorer R-52 3 rifle or possibly 46 inch three rifle? I prefer tan, camo or green, but black will do if that is all I can find.

    All places I have looked on line say they are out of stock.

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